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For over twenty years, the Shawnee State University Development Foundation has awarded grants to a range of academic departments, in part funding nearly 400 projects to enhance research, academic programming, and student life at Shawnee State University. 


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Fall 2018 Application for Grants

The Development Foundation Application for Grants to fund projects for Fall 2018 is now open. The Development Foundation Grants Program has been expanded to include both fall and spring cycles. The spring cycle of awards will fund projects from July 1–December 31 and the fall cycle will fund projects from January 1–June 30.

SSUDF Grants will be awarded in amounts of up to $2,000 per project. The scope of awards has been broadened to include student programming enhancement, recruitment and retention, facilities and student residence innovation, campus enhancement and green initiatives, entrepreneurism and social impact, and creative works designed for a public audience.


The deadline for application is Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 5:00 pm. No applications will be accepted after this time. Proposals will be accepted via our online Application for Grants ONLY. Please contact Karen Boggs (x3284) in the Development Foundation office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in Development Foundation Grants and Good Luck!

Grant Recipients

2016-17 SSUDF Grant Awards
Totaling $19,250

Livescribe Pens for Notetakers ($700) 
Grant funds will be used to purchase smartpens and special paper that will allow notes, taken by student notetakers, to be sent to a computer and converted to a pdf file. The pdf file can be emailed directly to the student who is receiving the accommodations of notetaking. 


Community Policing ($1,325) 
Grant funds will be used to purchase one police bicycle with gear bag for use on campus by the Public Safety Policy Offers and Security Officers


Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: NAEYC Week of the Young Child Children’s Fair ($1,000) 
The grant funds will support the children’s fair hosted by SSU where over 300 area children will participate in activities which include Appalachian music experiences and environmental education. 


Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: Appalachia Immersion ($1,000) 
The grant will be used to offset travel expenses for nursing students to travel to Frontier Nursing/Mary Breckenridge Home in Hyden, KY or the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, KY to complete a culture/community assessment that will focus on the environment. 


Potty Press ($2,000) 
Funds from the grant will be used to advertise and share information about Student Career Development upcoming events. Plastic display cases will be purchased to hold posters on the inside of bathroom stall doors. 


Office of Diversity & Inclusion Peer Mentoring Program ($500) 
Funds will be used for programming for students who feel their transition to college may benefit from connecting with other students based on a shared experience or identity. Group activities are designed to empower students with life management and academic skills to lay a foundation for success. 


We Want to “Grant” our Students the Opportunity to Help our Community ($2,000) 
Funding will be used to support environmental research by an SSU student and to generate the data to assist the university with applying for grants. 


Jerry Ross Summer Research Scholarship ($2,000) 
These funds will be used to help pay for summer tuition for two students to do summer research in the sciences. 


Steven A. Hunter Appalachian Legacy Project Grant: Emerging Leaders ($1,000) 
Funds will be used to assist students to develop their leadership abilities through workshops, presentations, and service projects and to encourage them to become actively engaged in the campus community. 


Creative Endeavor Fund Grant: Open House for Prospective Teachers ($500) 
The grant will be used to host a campus visit for area high school students who might be interested in teacher education as a career path. 


Accelerating Development English Education at SSU ($500) 
The grant will assist with travel expenses to CADE (Conference on Acceleration in Developmental Education). Based on what is learned at the conference, SSU Developmental English courses and curriculum will be redesigned to improve student success and retention modeled after an Accelerated Learning Program. 


Financial Literacy ($1,300) 
The grant will fund four events during the year which are designed to help students learn and develop good financial habits to improve their financial future. 


Bears Care ($2,000) 
Funds will support the new program which is a freshman focused initiative led by Student Peer Leaders who will serve as mentors and coaches to new students as they navigate their first semester.


Shawnee Ambassador Program ($2,000) 
The grant will support a program comprised of SSU students that are trained to help execute special university functions and represent the university at events both on and off campus. 


Texting Retention Initiative ($1,425) 
Grant funds will be used for a texting program linked with Google Voice to allow smooth and effective two-way communication between staff and students to address registration concerns, application materials, and career development appointments.