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For over twenty years, the Shawnee State University Development Foundation has awarded grants to a range of academic departments, in part funding nearly 400 projects to enhance research, academic programming, and student life at Shawnee State University.

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Spring 2020 Applications

The Development Foundation Grants Program has been expanded to include both fall and spring cycles. The spring cycle of awards will fund projects from July 1 – December 31 and the fall cycle will fund projects from January 1 – June 30.

SSUDF Grants will be awarded in amounts of up to $2,500 per project. The scope of awards has been broadened to include student programming enhancement, recruitment and retention, facilities and student residence innovation, campus enhancement and green initiatives, and entrepreneurism and social impact.

Please contact Chris Moore (x3082) in the Office of Alumni & Community Engagement with any questions or concerns.

How to Apply

The Spring 2020 application Period is Open. applications will be accepted until Thursday, OCtober 3, 2019 at 5 p.m.

SSUDF Grants will be awarded in amounts of up to $2,500 per project.


Grant Recipients

Fall 2019 SSUDF Grant Awards
Totaling $23,750

SSU Development Foundation Board with members of the Office of Alumni & Community Engagement.

SSU Development Foundation Board with members of the Office of Alumni & Community Engagement.


Campus Visit Busing | $2,000
Providing transportation for potential students in the Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Dayton areas to visit campus and learn about Shawnee State University’s programs.  

Encouraging Student Communities in the Department of Natural Sciences through Comradery & Research | $1,750
Providing opportunities for current SSU students in the Department of Natural Sciences to enhance student communities for research, academic support, and socializing of new and current students within the department. 

Evening of the Arts & Sciences: Showcasing the Programs of the College of Arts & Sciences to Community for Outreach & Recruitment | $1,750
Supporting two evening events showcasing the programs within the College of Arts & Sciences to prospective students. Students will have the opportunity to meet with current SSU students, faculty members and SSU Admissions Associates.

Graduate Center Recruiting Initiative | $2,500
Assisting with increased access to informational materials and marketing at recruiting events for SSU’s graduate programs.

I Am First Gen | $1,750
Providing mentorship programming for first-generation college students and first-generation faculty and staff participants to assist with navigating the many fields in college education.  

Identification, Development and Marketing of Local Hops Varieties to Enhance Economic Development and Community Partnerships | $2,000
Aiding the ongoing research project in the Department of Natural Sciences, this grant aims to increase the objectives of the hops project, and provide the means to grow local partnerships while giving students access to a hands-on exploration project.

Public Safety Traffic Control Equipment | $1,650
Allowing the Department of Public Safety to acquire updated equipment to use for traffic control, ensuring a higher level of safety and effectiveness for on campus and the immediate area surrounding campus.

Re-Covering Appalachia: Symposium on Appalachian Studies in the Digital Age | $1,000
Supporting programming for the second annual Appalachian symposium held on campus, the grant will sponsor a session on “Appalachian Myth-Busting” and securing a high-profile speaker for the session. The symposium will be held on campus October 31-November 2, 2019.

Satellite Construction & Testing | $800
In a joint effort between physics and engineering programs, SSU students will be involved in the design and construction of a satellite to be launched by Interorbital Systems. The grant will provide means to purchase parts to make the prototype satellite for testing as well as the radio communications gear for the ground station. 

Shawnee Game Conference | $2,500
Providing support for the seventeenth annual Shawnee Game Conference held on campus. The grant will provide support for assisting with speakers for the interactive sessions throughout the event.

Student Extracurricular Scholarships | $550
The Kricker Innovation Hub hosts the local chapter of Toastermasters International in their facility each month. This grant will provide the means to offer memberships for a group of SSU students to improve public speaking skills in a non-academic setting.

Student Game Lounge Facelift | $1,500
To transform the existing SSU Game Lounge on campus to provide a more inviting and branded space for current students.

Veteran’s Recognition Week & 25th Annual Veterans Recognition Day Ceremony | $2,000
Providing support for the third annual Veterans Recognition Week and SSU’s 25th Annual Veterans Recognition Week. The grant will aid in SSU’s continuation of offering an increase in veterans services to the campus community, as well as the surrounding Portsmouth area.

Weekend of Welcome | $2,000
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the campus tradition of Weekend of Welcome for new students. This grant allows for all new students to receive meals throughout the weekend, keeping students on campus for all the activities hosted on campus to familiarize students with campus.