Planned Giving

Shawnee State University students are future leaders. When you make a planned gift to the university, you provide opportunities for future generations of Shawnee State students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our surrounding region. With your gift, you provide strategic support that will endure.

Why make a planned gift?

Planned gifts provide support for future generations. A planned gift can have a big impact over time, and many planned gifts actually save you money over the years. Through life insurance, bequests, and annuities, we are here to help you decide the best option for your planned gift legacy.

Planned Giving Opportunities Based on Your Financial Goals:

My financial goal is . . .

to Support Shawnee state university.

Then you can . . . Put a bequest in your will to benefit The Shawnee Fund or a number of other funds related to your interests within the SSU Development Foundation.

And your benefits are . . . When you make a bequest, you’re making a generous gift that will continue to help Shawnee State University in the future as it evolves and new needs emerge. The SSU Development Foundation will manage your bequest for you and can address those issues as they come about. You will receive estate tax deductions and be able to keep those assets in your name during your lifetime.

to Prioritize my heirs’ inheritance while benefitting Shawnee State University.

Then you can . . . Name the SSU Development Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan and leave other assets directly to your family.

And your benefits are . . . Reduced estate and income tax.

To Secure a life income while minimizing taxes.

Then you can . . . Establish a Pooled Income Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust with the SSU Development Foundation.

And your benefits are . . . Income for life (or two lives), immediate tax benefits, and often a boosted rate of return from assets.

to reduce gift and estate taxes on assets you pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Then you can . . . Create a Charitable Lead Trust that pays income to the SSU Development Foundation for a specific term of years.

And your benefits are . . . A gift or estate tax deduction. Your family keeps the assets.

to Make a large gift with little to no cost.

Then you can . . . Give a life insurance policy you no longer need.

And your benefits are . . . Current and future income tax deductions.

To learn more about Planned Giving Opportunities at Shawnee State University, contact Chris Moore, Director of Development for additional information.

Chris Moore