Dr. Dave & Patsy Todt Loyalty Society

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The Dr. Dave & Patsy Todt Loyalty Society recognizes donors who continue to make gifts to Shawnee State University, at any level, consecutively for three or more years.

The society, named after Dr. Dave & Patsy Todt honors the giving commitment the Todts have had to Shawnee State University for twenty-four consecutive years.


The Todts legacy with Shawnee State University began when Dr. Todt started teaching at the university when the campus facilities were still used as a branch of Ohio University and then as Shawnee State Community College. In 1986, at the opening of Shawnee State University, Dr. Todt became the Chair of the Department of Math & Science which began a long career of serving in a number of leadership roles at the university, including Interim Dean of College of Arts & Sciences and Director of Teacher Education. In 2007, Dr. Todt was named the Provost at the university, serving in this role for seven years before taking a year sabbatical and then returning to teaching within the university again.

Throughout his career serving the university and its students, Dr. Todt and his wife established a loyalty of giving back to the university, supporting various funds within the SSU Development Foundation.

“My family always instilled in me a set of values, including service and giving,” said Dr. Todt. “Giving to Shawnee State is giving to students, to opportunities for them and their faculty to continue learning in the best possible environments.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Todt celebrated his final year teaching at the university in the Department of Natural Sciences. Upon his official retirement from the institution he has served for over forty years, Dr. Todt reflected on how much the university has developed from the one-building campus where he first started teaching.

“It’s amazing to see Shawnee State’s growth from the time it opened to now,” he said. “It grew to include all of these beautiful facilities today, and it’s in part thanks to the many supporters the university has. There’s still a lot of growth happening on campus, and I believe the SSU Development Foundation is important as that growth continues.”